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Call for 2020 RIBA Hall of Fame nominations

As part of our mission to promote the education and appreciation of bluegrass music, we believe that we should recognize those in our southern New England music community who have contributed to the appreciation and furtherance of this music we all love so much.

Last year, we inducted Charlie Pike and Jim Muller and Sharon Horovitch as our 2019 class of the RIBA Hall of Fame. We were proud to recognize their accomplishments during our second award ceremony. Many of you were there for a great night of celebration, fellowship and music.

We are now seeking nominations for the 2020 RIBA Hall of Fame.

If you believe that there is an individual who merits this honor, please send us their name and why you believe that the person has had a significant positive impact on our local bluegrass community. Your nominee may be still with us or may have passed on.

Please email your nomination to by December 18th.

Nominations will be forwarded to a nominating committee, which will evaluate the nominees and select the recipient(s).

Please help us to strengthen our bluegrass community by submitting the name of a deserving individual.

Thank you for your assistance and continued support.

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