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Sky Travis

2022 RIBA Hall of Fame inductee

Sky Travis’s love of bluegrass music began in the 1950s when he went to a concert in Fall River and saw Roy Acuff with Brother Oswald on Dobro guitar. He instantly loved the sound of the Dobro. He found a Dobro at a yard sale and bought it even though he didn’t know how to tune it. He spent countless hours playing records until he learned how to play the songs. He had a natural ability to play any song by ear.

Sky went on to play with Joe Gallant and his band, Fred Pike and Randy Hawkins and many others, both on the radio and at live bluegrass shows across New England. Born Raymond Tavares, he adopted “Sky” as his stage name after getting hooked on the national duo, Jerry and Sky (Jerry Howorth and Schuyler Snow). He changed Tavares to Travis because it was easier to pronounce.

Throughout his musical career, Sky played with nationally known musicians such as Joe Val, Mac Wiseman, Bill Harrell, Don Reno, Bill Rawlings, Jimmy Gaudreau and Joyce and the SKs.  He generously mentored many local musicians and always encouraged those who were new to bluegrass. Sky was inducted into the Massachusetts Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

Chuck Wentworth | 2022 | RIBA Hall of Fame
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