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Mike Fischman

2016 RIBA Hall of Fame inductee

Mike Fischman moved to Rhode Island from Long Island in 1985. He has played guitar, banjo, bass mandolin, harmonica, bodhrán, tin whistles, and other sundry folk instruments in bluegrass bands, ceili bands, old timey bands, singer-songwriter groups, sea shanty ensembles, Dixieland quintets, blues bands, swing orchestras, kid shows, school shows, show and tell, and more.


Fischman has been a guest on many other folk groups’ recordings, including one country music production that won a 1995 Boston Music Award. He has produced several of his own CD’s. Fischman is a teacher, musician and popular bluegrass DJ on WRIU's weekly Bluegrass radio show and is integrally involved in youth workshops at the Rhythm and Roots Festival held annually on Labor Day weekend in Charlestown, RI.


Lately, Fischman can be seen performing with The Gnomes, The Folk Support Group, and The Hope Valley Volunteers. His enthusiasm for bluegrass and his weekly presence on RI's only bluegrass radio show have brought many people into this wonderful American musical genre.

Mike Fischman | 2016 | RIBA Hall of Fame: Welcome
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