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Jeff Horton

2018 RIBA Hall of Fame inductee

Jeff Horton has been playing bluegrass for decades and has been featured in some of New Englands premier bluegrass bands.  He sings almost anything, using his natural bass voice all the way up to a clear falsetto.  


A founding member of the Neon Valley Boys, Jeff also spent six years with Northern Lights, performing with Jonathan Edwards, Peter Rowan and the late fiddle legend Vassar Clements. 

Other prominent bluegrass bands Jeff has played with include the KroppDusters the Pegheads, and Nickel Jukebox, a Motown band. He is currently playing with Wide Open Spaces, the Mary Maquire Band and Mike Boulay & the Hope Valley Volunteers. 

With Mary Maguire, he has lead harmony workshops at Grey Fox and other festivals for the past 16 years.  Jeff has managed the Grass Roots Stage at Grey Fox for 15 years.

Jeff Horton | 2018 | RIBA Hall of Fame: Welcome
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