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Amy Orlomoski

2023 RIBA Hall of Fame inductee

Amy Orlomoski  celebrates her 34th year as a bluegrass broadcaster this year. She has hosted the Bluegrass Café at WHUS, the University of Connecticut at Storrs radio station, for the past 24 years and can be heard on Sundays from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

After taking a broadcasting class at Eastern Connecticut State University, Amy was hooked on the equipment and activities of a broadcaster, so she took to the microphone whenever she had the opportunity. During and after college, Amy worked at the campus radio station, WECS-FM, and hosted a show called “Simply Bluegrass,” which lasted for eight years.  She also worked at country music station WCTY-FM in Norwich, Connecticut, as a technician and DJ. 

Amy’s brother Dave played bluegrass music in various bands. Although Amy didn’t play an instrument herself, she was completely taken by the sound of the music and made it her mission to spread bluegrass wherever and however she could. 

Chuck Wentworth | 2022 | RIBA Hall of Fame
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